Season Confusion

That's what we are having at the moment. It's supposed to be Spring now. Pleasant temperatures, maybe up to the mid to higher 70s as the hottest. Instead we started today with a humid low 70s with an expected high in the upper 80s. Hello? Isn't that like summer? I sure wish we own one of the miami waterfront homes that I see in our local news here so all I have to do is step outside to get the cool breeze from the water. Maybe someday. I like warm weather as compared to the cold ones. This kind of weather is still fine with me. What I don't like is the drastic change. Why? Because it triggers my worst allergies. I can be fine one minute but the moment I step outside and that warm air hits me, then I'm doomed because it almost always brings on an allergy fit.

Anyway, I can't really complain because we're actually having the better part of the bargain. I heard there are still some places in the country that are still dealing with snow. I just got off the phone with someone because a paperwork I sent in is still not received and she mentioned that the reason may have to do with the foot of snow they're currently dealing with. Yep, snail mail is of course one that's affected big time with snow. So for the meantime, I'll just sit here and relax in the comfort of home where I can control the temperature. Well, that's between dreaming and wishing I'm actually lounging in one of those, yes, miami waterfront homes I may just own one day.


Ciela said…
Go Huling! Buy one of those Miami Homes na at baka pwede makibakasyon din kami dun! That is.. pag nanaginip na ulit ako na lulusubin kita dyan! Haha..

How's the weekend going? Nadali ka na ba ng kalaban mong allergy? Ingat lang!

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