That's one of the many things that came to mind when I first heard about the Boston tragedy yesterday. I cannot and probably will never understand why someone would do that. Innocent people are the victims. Not some criminals.

I was in some kind of a funk the last several days. I guess it's a result of being paranoid. Jumping to conclusions without any evidence. As a result, I almost dug a hole for myself just to mope. It's all MY DOING. No one knew what's going on in my head but me. Then yesterday's event 'woke' me up. Shook me. So now I'm trying to get out of the funk I got myself in. Realizing it's not just about me. A lot of other people are in a much worse situation than me. I can only pray that those affected by this senseless event will get the justice that they deserve.

I'm not sure what this world has come to. What I know is it's getting to be a scary place to live in. Honestly, I am afraid not for myself anymore but for the future generation...which includes our little one and the other little ones out there. I pray that those who  believe that violence is the answer to their problem would come to realize it's not.


~ "C" said…
that's exactly how i felt yesterday. i've been feeling horrible the past weeks as if the whole world is ganging up on me and then yesterday's tragedy at boston put my thoughts into perspective. suddenly, my personal issues are too petty and trivial. haaay. how are you?
J said…
shocked! that was my initial reaction. then I was in silent mode for an hour. I turned off the TV and just sat still.

I hope you're out of your funk now... totally. And who would have thought you were in some kind of a funk?

ako, pa relak-relak lang (borrowing your words). na-postpone kasi ang date ko. nalungkot ako but I can't do anything as it is beyond my control.

Ciela said…
Bombings here, there and everywhere! Only God knows where this supposed beautiful world is leading to. I was like numbed hearing those Boston tragedy. 'Twas like, uh, there goes another one. Parang ordinary na kasi dito yan mga ganyang news eh. Alam mo yun?! Hoping and praying though, that nothing similar would happen again!

Sana, naka-relax ka na by now Huling! Ingat and God bless!

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