Whatta' Pain!

Pointing fingers...that's what most of these companies like to do. And that's the reason why what could possibly be a simple problem that needs a simple fix is blown out of proportion which in turn could cause us...the customers a lot of "pain". Not physical pain but some other kinds. My head hurts just thinking about it....hmmm...I guess it's physical pain after all.

One thing is sure...it's not OUR fault. Unfortunately, that's also the problem with these companies, they don't like to admit the problem is on their end. They like the easy way out when a customer like me would call them to find out what the problem is. Not their fault! The first thing they would say is: I don't see any problem on our end. Did you call the other company? Ugh! This is the cycle that went on and on. For more of this story, please read here. I don't feel like typing it all over again because the aggravation keeps coming back whenever I think about it.

Anyway, it's still not fixed. No one seems to know what the heck happened. All they're saying is something went haywire along the way and they couldn't pinpoint exactly what. Again, only one thing is definite. It's NOT our fault....for real.


J said…
Hala ano ba yan? Kaka-stress naman. That is why sometimes the good-old reliable way of doing things eh mas ok pa din. F sometimes makes a point kasi he just wouldn't embrace the fast and easy ways online. At yan eh taga-Wall Street kuno. Kahit nga ATM wiz gamitin. Sobrang old fashion hahaha. He brings his ATM sa teller, buti na lang ang bank eh pag-aari nila (work).

I hope na maayos na yan soon. Enjoy your Spring weather. Dito Malabo pa din.
Ciela said…
Relax! Ang high blood baka tumaas! Lol! Naku, yan din ang isang hiccup with regards to online banking. Pareho pala kmi ni J, old school din of banking system and ginagawa. Parang scary kasi pag online. Bka ma-hack ung account mo, maglaho na lang yung pera sa acct. mo. And same with ATM, daming case dito na na-hack ang atm acct at naglaho yung deposits nila. But I also have my atm for emergency use. Kahit piso lang ang laman. hehe..

Good to know that the company admitted their fault. Finally! Kung di mo pa pinagalitan and all! Lagot sila ngayon! Mawawalan sila ng Preferred Client nila!

Have a relaxing weekend Huling!

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