A 'Grandma'...again?

Yep, that's what I've been told a few weeks ago.

It's courtesy of one of my nieces of course. I was surprised, to say the least, because I expected more from this niece of mine. She's in school taking up education. I was hoping she's going to follow my footsteps and become a teacher as well. But not quite yet. She is several months pregnant now. I think she's giving birth in a couple of months. I've been told late because they know I'm kinda' expecting more from her. But such is life and we have to accept what it offers. In a way I sort of knew she may get married earlier than we want her to because she's had a steady boyfriend for quite a while now. So I'm not really shocked...maybe just a wee bit disappointed. Hopefully, she'll go back to school down the road. I think she only has about a year to go to finish the course. I'm hoping her parents as well as her husband, and maybe the rest of the family back home will convince her to do that.

Anyway, I'm happy that another addition to the family is on the way. It will be the fifth grandchild for me and my siblings...well, here in the west they don't consider it a grandchild if it's a niece's/nephew's child. It's called 'great niece/nephew'. Oh well...whatever it's called, it's family...the next generation.


Ciela said…
Ay, sounds family! Aha haha! Same here, Huling. There's another one coming din dito. Surprised din kami. Buti na lang kaka-graduate lang, at kaka-blow-out lang! At least naraos na ang aral. Hayyz!

Will blog about it soon. Cheers sa mga lola! (Sorry ka na lng, kahit wala ka pang K mag-lola!)

Take care!

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