A Special Card

That's what I got for Mother's Day...and it's a very special card because it's made by our little one specifically for me on Mother's Day. I'm pretty sure it's the only one in existence. Ha! Both hubby and I are taking advantage of this time when she makes all her cards for us because we know that it won't be long before she stops doing that. It makes me sad just thinking about it but that's the reality of life. Anyway, she made this card for me.

She actually gave it to me a day early...fresh from the oven...LOL. As soon as she finished it, she handed it to me. I guess she couldn't wait for the MD itself. She was bugging me weeks before Mother's Day what I wanted and I kept telling her I would be happy to get a card from her...and yet she kept asking until last Friday. It's a an honest to goodness answer that I really didn't want anything else because she's more than enough for me. On the day itself, we 'thought' of eating out but I decided to stay in instead and order some Chinese food. It's a very laid back Mother's Day for me and that's the way I want it.


J said…
What a cute work of art! Mana talaga sa yo Tuks ( talaga? Hahaha).

TGIF! I' m sure happy-ness ikaw. Saan ang lakad this weekend? If you're headed to the yogurt store, pwede
Ciela said…
How sweet ni E! Artistic na tunay! One of the precious gifts a mother could get is the specially hand made card galing kay anakis. I used to frame few of first "hand made cards" by the kiddos here. Kaya lang, nasira na nung naggawa dito sa bahay. Sayang nga e!

Musta na ang hay-bu?! Nakoh, ako dito di magkandaugaga! Kaya tuloy, feeling ko, magkakasakit na naman ako. Wag naman sana! Really, am not feeling well lately. Ewan lang, bka kasi dahil sa pabata na ako ng pabata. Lol!

MD is over. What's in store for FD? i-ready na! Lol!

Dami na bang blooms ang garden mo?
Pwede na ba akong mamitas?

Have a sunshiny day, Huling!

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