A Year Passed

More like a year and a month....since we went to the Philippines for a visit. It was my first trip back since I left in 2001 so it was an exciting time for me as well as the whole family. We were only there for 3 weeks. Needless to say, it wasn't enough. We would love to do it again of course but we just don't know when. The main thing that prevents us from doing it sooner than later is the looooonngg plane ride. It was almost a whole day of just being on the air...cramped in that small place called an airplane. Well, it may not be as small when it's on the runway but when you're on it for more than 20 hours...it sure get a lot smaller. Anyway, the family back home has already started asking when our next trip will be. Just like before we took that first trip, our reply remains the same: We have no idea.

But one thing is sure...next time we take a trip back home, we are planning in staying a day or two somewhere in between here and our main destination. We don't know where that would be but we think that doing that will somehow make the trip a bit more enjoyable and bearable. I personally don't like travelling...but it's not just me here of course so if I don't want to be left alone at home, I'd have to learn to like it even just a little bit if only for that reason...


Ciela said…
You are really more of a domesticated type 'no, Huling?! You're the complete opposite of me. Ako naman, I always want to travel and see places. Yun ang pang-alis ko ng stress. Yun nga lang, long hours of travel by plane is a complete turn-off. Pero, exciting pa rin in a way, thinking what I'm gonna see after the plane has landed.

Come back soon. At tagalan nyo next time. Para di bitin sa inyo ang mga relatives. hehe..

Gandang araw da 'yo, Huling!

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