First Colors

Unlike in some states in the country, spring [or is it summer] is very much felt around here now. Our plants started 'resurrecting' a few weeks ago but the process is not complete yet. Some of them are still 'waking up' so to speak while a couple already have flowers on them. Look...

We have not tended to our flower beds yet so they don't look very nice right now but I'm surely happy to see the burst of colors we're getting from our annuals. The bat faced flowers are also starting to bloom now. In a few days there will be some orange colors popping out in our flower beds as well.

The back is a different story though. We decided to pull out the blackberry bushes that used to be on a small plot by the back porch. We haven't quite decided yet what to replace them with. I'm thinking some veggies, maybe. I'm not sure where to start with that though. The thing is I also want some colors back there so maybe veggies won't be a good idea. Oh well...hopefully we'll come up with something soon so it won't look like this for long...


Ciela said…
Ay, gandah ng daisies! Time again to do gardening! Iba talaga pag may blooms around. Nakakasaya!
Wish ko lang may space din ako for lots of blooms!

O sige na. Attend to you plants na para makadami. hehe..

Hope you had a great weekend!

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