Flowers for Mother's Day

Err...weeds for Mother's Day I mean. Huh? It's actually something that my 'thoughtful' husband handed me yesterday as soon as he got in the door while greeting me 'happy mother's day'! He plucked it from a weed growing in our front yard. Haha! So, will I be getting 'real flowers' for MD? Not really. It's been established around this household that I don't want money spent on flowers nope, no real flowers for me on MD...per my order. I'm perfectly happy with my flowers blooming in our yard.

Anyway, a flower is a flower so there. With that being said, I hope that all MOMS out there have a good Mother's Day!


J said…
weeds??? mukhang mini-sunflower hahaha. how was your frozen yogurt trek? I got reminded of E when we went to Manhattan a few days ago for an appointment. napa-stop tuloy kami sa pink berry. syempre ako lang ang kumain, si F kasi wiz daw niya hahaha.

napadpad ako dito to let you know check mo email mo.

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