Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Shopping

That's what we did today anyway. It's not a shopping spree though...just shoe shopping. We're actually looking for specific types of shoes one of which are hiking shoes just like the zamberlan hiking boots I saw online. We're planning in going somewhere that would require us to wear hiking shoes so I want to start looking for a pair for me or the little one. Also, I just realized recently that with all the pairs of shoes that she has, the little one doesn't have a pair of shoes or sandals that she can wear with just shirts and shorts. Her shoes go with specific outfits. So today we went out looking for just that and also a pair for the man of the house. As usual we came home with more than just a couple of pairs. Dad got a pair, I got a pair and the little one got 2 pairs. I wasn't successful in finding hiking boots though because they're not 'in season' so to speak. We saw a few in the store but I didn't like any of them. I might just get them online because there are more choices online.

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