Mother's Day 2013

That's today. Do we have any big plans? Not really. I just don't feel like going anywhere so when I was asked what I wanted to do, I couldn't think of anything. So decided we'll just stay home just like any other day. Hubby just left for the store to look at industrial rubber hoses because they need one at work and I may clean the back porch a little bit later on. Yeah, yeah...not very exciting but that's us. Maybe we'll head out later in the day to get some frozen yogurt and that will be my big treat for the day. Ha! The little one already made me a card and handed it to me yesterday and I of course love it. I know it will only be a few more years before she stops making those cards so I better take advantage of it. I'll be posting a picture of it at a later date to 'brag'.


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