I like the neighborhood we live in. It's a very quiet one and not a lot of activities going on. We have neighbors close by but we don't bother each other. We do our own thing and they do their own thing. I'm not saying it's a perfect neighborhood because we also have some not so great neighbors. One does not cut his grass regularly while the other one uses his big yard teaching his dog to 'fetch'. Not just the simple fetching but something else because he's using something like a zinger winger bird launcher. I didn't know what it was at first but when I told the husband about it, he told me that he's training his dog to fetch birds. It's a trick that bird hunters teach their dogs so the hunters don't have to get the birds themselves once they're shot. I only saw our neighbor doing that a couple of times though. I guess one of our older neighbors complained about it since houses are close enough to be hit when something is launched in the air like that.


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