Never too Soon

That's what I think anyway. So Mother's Day is today. After this one, it's going to be Father's Day next. That would be sometime next month. Exactly when...I have no idea. Usually the little one and I decide together what to get our honoree here. We've made videos for him in the past, personalized cards and some store bought gifts as well. This year we can probably get him a leather wallet from since he needs one that's durable enough to last him at least year. He can't use a flimsy one because of the nature of his job. But I always feel that he appreciates the gift more if it has some personal touch from his little princess so I still have to think of other ways to do that. A wallet maybe enough for some other Dads but not this Dad. Actually he'd rather get something that his little one personally made herself than those we buy from the stores. Maybe I can learn how to make wallets or purses then teach the little one how to make them. How's that for a plan? Nah. I think we'd go with buying one from the store then let the little one add something to it.


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