Philippine Election

Tomorrow is election day in the Philippines. I cannot remember the last time I actually voted there. Everytime there's an election I was always out of the country so I've only voted maybe twice since I registered. I was reading the news online and the first thing that I saw was about 'vote buying'. I told the husband about it and he just chuckled because to him it's something odd since we don't hear such things like that here. We just had the presidential election last year and there was a lot of mud slinging just like anywhere else during the campaign...but vote buying is something else. He was also surprised to hear about some election related killing of people [candidates and/or supporters] back home.

I know my relatives back home are going to vote because I spoke with them yesterday and they were getting ready to head out to our hometown to exercise that right tomorrow. We're not political but we make it a point to vote when we can. Even my father who rarely participated in any discussion about politics [with us anyway] would pass by the voting center to vote before heading to work. Anyway, I hope that if you're in the Philippines and can will do so. It's your right. You should use it.


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