If no one won it last night, the pot will be around $300 M already. It's almost a quarter of a billion yesterday. We bought some tickets but we didn't win.Ugh! I was so confident we'd wake up millionaires this morning...so did the hundreds of millions of other people I bet. Ha! Anyway, I'm pretty sure that more people will be buying tickets now that the pot is a lot bigger. Will we? I'm guessing we are. We only buy when the winning is more than a hundred mil which makes our chances a lot slimmer since the bigger the pot is, the more people take chances in buying tickets. 

Anyway, if someone actually won it already, it would have been in the news by now...and so far, there's nothing in the news that says someone won it. So by Thursday next week, I may be a multi-mil already. Yeah? Dream on baby....LOL....


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