Sunday, May 12, 2013

Still a Student

My oldest brother didn't get his college degree until he's in his 40s. And that's after all his 3 kids graduated college and were in their post graduate studies already. Right now, he has a son who is a doctor, a daughter who is reviewing for the bar exams and another daughter who just graduated from a master's degree. And yes, he's the one that sends them to school. Not bad for someone who got married at 18 and lived with his parents [and siblings] until he could afford to stand on his feet and support a family of his own. He is now in his early 50s...and he's back in school himself taking a master's degree. He said that he wants to continue working once he retires from his current job. He wants to work as a teacher or a professor. To do that, he needs at least a master's degree so he's going for it while he can. I greatly admire my brother for his perseverance and I want to give him something special when he graduates sometime next year. I'm thinking of getting him a solo briefcase which will be perfect if and when he pursues his plans of being a teacher. He likes leather so I'm sure he'll be thrilled to have one. Yep, I am one proud sister. He's an inspiration not only to me but to his kids and my other siblings, nephews and nieces.

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