Toyota Fanatic

My good friend out of state just bought a brand new vehicle. Her first car that she calls her 'baby' gave out on her already after about 10 years of using it. It's a Toyota Camry and she just loves it to pieces. She didn't want to give up on it even trying genuine toyota parts to see if she can find the parts needed to fix it. She did but the car needed a lot of fixings that it was more practical to just trade it in and get a new one. She said that she shed a tear or two when she dropped off the car since it's been her ride for so long. I joked that she should get the exact replica of it so she won't miss it as much but her husband didn't want to. Being Toyota fanatics, they opted for another Toyota but an SUV this time because they need a bigger vehicle for their business. Hopefully, this one will last as long, if not longer, as her first car.


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