Wednesday it is!

And it's the first day of a new month, May! How time flies.

It's been gloomy again here. The weekend that passed was perfect as far as the weather was concerned because it wasn't raining and the temperatures were mild. This coming weekend...we just have to wait and see. We've been having 50% chance of rain the past few days and so far, it's been accurate. The weekend basically looks the same so it may just be a day to stay indoors...but we'll see.

There is a little light at the end of the 'work' tunnel for me. Our boss sent us an email letting us know that there might be work in the horizon. We don't know how much work or when it's coming but it's something. It's been really really slow as far as work is concerned so anything that resembles work is something to be happy about. I just hope it continues even if it's sporadic for now. Who knows...we may get another big job in the future that can keep us busy for months like before.

Aside from that little good news, nothing much happening around here. It's been same-o, same-o. There are days I feel like I want to go on a vacation but it's something that can't be done for now. I think hubby's work is just about to get busy so no big vacation for us...for now. Hopefully we'll be able to take one sooner than later. Wishful thinking? Maybe. Maybe not...


Ciela said…
Same here Huling. It's gloomy but the weather is still very warm. There's sporadic rain but I still want to go to the beach. Sana di muna matapos ang summer. Di pa ko nakakabalik sa beach 'no?! hehe.
Looks like you'll be busy with work soon. Sige lang, werk lang ng werk hanggat meron werk. Pag wala, di relax lang muna. Ganun lang yun. hehe..
Ako dito,petik-petik lang para iwas stress. haha..

Have a great TGIF Huling!

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