A Spike of Page Views

I used to get about 100 to 200 views on this blog daily. Half of those are probably my own page views. Ha! But in the past several weeks, maybe a month or so, the page views went up not just by a few hundreds but a few thousands. It's currently hitting the 5k mark, more or less and I have no idea where all the hits are coming from. I'm not complaining, just wondering. I don't post as much as I used to so I really have no idea what made page views increase. Maybe I did something on the settings that I'm not aware of but I don't really mess with that just because I'm afraid to mess up the whole blog. The thing is the increase in views didn't seem to help with the PR of the blog because it was right around that time when the PR of this blog went from PR2 to zero.

Anyway, I'll keep checking and see if this continues. The moment it goes back to normal [hundreds of views instead of thousands], I'll make sure to make a note of it and make a post about it. Tee hee...in the meantime, I'll just enjoy the sight of seeing '5 thousand visitors'...if only per the stat on the dashboard...


J said…
Baka ako yung spider ... Crawler haha. Ano kaya at saan galing ang traffic?

Lair blog ko ganun din si mr. G ginaw ang 0 na ulit ang PR.

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