Guitar Enthusiast

That would be my youngest brother. Actually, I've only known about it about a year or two ago. He sent me a video of his band jamming. I didn't even know he plays the guitar until that time. Anyway, I am no his go to person everytime he or his band needs to research something related to their music, instruments, etc. I've been to a few local music stores around here looking for stuff for them, mostly researching and comparing prices so they know if they're getting the best deals. Aside from visiting local music stores, I also look online. It's during one of these searches that I saw this great prs p22 at musicians friend. I think I was looking for something else when I saw this but I told my brother about it. He of course got interested since guitar is his instrument of choice. He has a few guitars already but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind adding this to his collection. I wonder when that's going to happen.


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