Second Half of 2013

It officially starts today, right? time flies!

This is going to be a short work week for those on this side of the globe because it's Independence Day on Thursday. It's going to be a 4-day weekend for most. Some are already on vacation actually...but not us. I don't think we have any plans for July 4th itself. I actually just realized yesterday while we were sitting on a restaurant that it's this week. Duh! What gave it away [to me] are the firework stalls/vendors all over the place. We don't really do anything special on that day so it kind of slipped my mind.

Anyhooo...weekend just passed. We were busy over the weekend around here doing our own little thing. We didn't really plan in going anywhere since the weather has been 'moody' lately. One minute it's sunny, then it's raining the next minute. But the little one kept asking since Saturday the same question over and over again: Are we going anywhere this weekend? She kept getting the usual response from me...I'm not sure. Her reason for asking? She wanted to wear one of the dresses we got her last weekend. We got her I think 5 different dresses that she could wear around the house. But of course she chose dresses that are normally worn outside. They're not fancy dresses...just not house clothes. Anyway, I told her to wear the dress on Sunday whether we're going out or not. They're 'supposed' to be house clothes anyway. She did. And so the questions kept coming. Are we going somewhere today? I finally said, maybe we can go out to dinner. She was ecstatic to say the least. So even if it was pouring, we headed out to the nearest restaurant at around 5 PM for dinner last night so she could wear her 'fancy dress' outside of the house. Like she said and I quote: I didn't dress up like this for nothing. And she's not even a teenager yet. Help?


Ciela said…
Huling, ano ka ba?!Hahaha.. Your anakis is already a young lady! She may not be 13 yet but children this age and time are more mature than their real age. Kaya accept the fact now na dalaga na at di na bata si E. Lol!

At least di nasayang ang lovely new dresses ni young lady. Nairampa pa rin ng tunay. Haha..

Hope you're enjoying your weekdays. Dito, busy sa mga follow-up check ups sa doctor. Ingat dyan!
J said…
aha... that's my kind of girl. padala mo nga si E dito for a short while, mukhang magkaka-sundo kami. yun nga lang, don't blame me pagbalik niya sa inyo grumabe ang kakikayan hahaha.

enjoy your 4th! maybe E has something in-store for you just the way she wants it. she's full of surprises, anyway.
Ciela said…
Halu Huling! How are you? Looks like you're on a rest mode ah. What's keeping you busy?

Malamang you're enjoying your summer! Kainggit!

Hope all is well with you!
Ciela said…
Oh, nandito na naman ako para manggulo! Wla lang! I saw from a friends FB kasi na 8:30pm na sa FL eh super maliwanag pa rin like it is only 5pm. Ganun din ba sa inyo ngayon? Curious lng ho! hehe..
J said…
Si Tita B panggulo nga haha (peace Tita B).

Saan ang dinner tonight? Ilabas ang aking pamangkin baka ma-bore. Pwedeng sabit ako hahaha.

Hope you're cool enough ang having fun. :-)
Ciela said…
To you Huling, (at para na rin Kay J),

Wahhh.. ang saya kaya manggulo dito! Sabit ka 'ka mo sa dinner nila Huling? e di sasabit na rin ako!

See you! ( panaginip! Lol!)


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