Sleepy Monday

That would me. I slept fine but I don't think it's enough That's probably because I went to bed a bit later than usual. We had a very lazy weekend. We didn't go anywhere. Stayed indoors most of the time and just lazed around the house. We had a couple of moments when we had that urge to go out just because....but we didn't do it. I guess the lack of activities [and maybe that short nap I had] made it hard for me to fall asleep right away.

It's all been quiet here in my blog for a full week. My last entry was last Monday. It was an uneventful week that passed even if it was Independence Day week. It was rainy for the most of last week, the 4th included. There were not a lot of fireworks because of the bad weather but it wasn't a complete 'wash out' because there was a short break from the rain at about 6 PM. That made our little one happy because she got the chance to light up the sparklers we got for her. A few minutes after she finished lighting the last one, rain came pouring down again. At least we're able to do our thing, eh? Our neighbor had to wait until Saturday evening to do their fireworks. They usually have more elaborate ones so they needed to wait for a better weather. The little one had fun watching from her bedroom window.



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