The Aches of Weeding

The past weekend was productive for me...sort of. I was able to do the weeding that I was talking about here on Friday. Hubby went to work bright and early so I pushed through with my weeding partay! I wanted to do it before it got too hot outside so instead of doing household chores first, I decided to head out in the backyard to start pulling about 9:30 AM. I have this weed puller which is a roller. I used it a lot a couple of years ago on the flower beds in front when they were still bare. It actually served as my morning exercise then because rolling that thing requires a lot of effort. I've forgotten how much exercise I can get out of it...until last Saturday. I was able to "conquer" the surrounding areas of the lilies on the back, one small plot where the gardenia and hydrangea as well as the gold mounds are planted, the line of box woods by the back porch and around one of the big trees. I was also able to pull out the weeds on the flower beds in front. I was outside for a good 2 to 3 hours doing what I used to do almost everyday a few years years ago...weeding! I remember when all I did back then was pick a spot in the yard and sat on my small stool and weed away...almost everyday. I just stopped because I started making these little bald spots around the yard. It was like a path of destruction. LOL! It looked worse having those bald spots on the yard than having weeds so I was ordered to our gardener. Ha! Our "gardener" got some 'sod plugs' and put them on some of the bald spots to fix some of the damage I did and I refrained from weeding the yard from then on.

Anyhooo...because of all the bending and rolling and everything else I did just to get rid of those pesky weeds crowding our plants, I woke up with sore, very sore legs, thighs and arms on Sunday. It wasn't that bad in the morning but as the day progressed it got worse. And just like any muscle ache/pain the more I stay still, the more painful and achy it got. Hubby wanted to visit a friend but I begged he didn't go. Why? I have no clue. Well, I do actually, he wanted me to go with him. Oh well. I just didn't want to show up at friend's house wincing with every movement I make. Anyway, since being immobile wasn't helping, I decided to play badminton with the little one to stretch whatever hasn't been stretched yet. We played for about an hour before going back in. What do you know....I woke up Monday with more aches and pains. Ugh! I almost didn't go on the tread climber but forced myself anyway. The muscle pain/aches got better as the day went. I guess walking on the tread climber actually helped. I'm planning of doing the weeding on a regular basis, at least during the weekend. It's a great weekend exercise actually.


J said…
Aray ko po!!! Sana naman yung mga aches and pains mo eh nag-subside na. I'm sure nanibago ang mga muscles mo. Mukhang ang tagal na hindi ka nag-weed. Matrabaho talaga ang may backyard.

Kudos to you kasi you still did your usual exercise routine. Kung ako pa yan, dehins na.

Hope your week is going along well despite the achy arms and legs.

Ciela said…
Ang sipag nung Ale! Yun lang nga ang disadvantage ng may malawak na lawn, need mo i-maintain palagi! At least kasama na exercise while you do the weeding! Dami na bang blooms around the yard? Pitasin ko na ba? Lol!

Sana wala na yung mga aches and pains mo by now, Huling. It's TGIF once again! Enjoy!

J said…
handa ka na ba for another weeding weekend? pero bago nyan dapat mga aches and sores eh subsided na. just imagine how it feels if you go ahead with your weeding exercise at may pain ka pa din from last week's weeding.

have a great Sabado and Linggo. may lakad ba?

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