Wake Me Up!

So so sleepy while I'm typing this. I had a very restless night. I just couldn't sleep...and I've got my reasons which I'd keep to myself na lang.

Anyway, we had a good weekend. Hubby worked on Saturday like a normal working day...left before the crack of dawn and worked until 5 PM. I did the usual weekend cleaning...and so did the little one. Her 'chores' on the weekend is to make sure to put all her books in order as well as whatever's out of place in her bedroom. She also has to do her own version of "big cleaning" in her bathroom. I still do the major stuff like mopping and deep cleaning. I just want her to do the tidying up, so to speak.

Sunday...lawn mowing for the man of the house. As soon as he finished doing that, the little one and I played our latest 'sport'....badminton in the backyard. Yep, I asked the hubby to get us a set last Friday so we can start playing. It's the little one's first time to play it and she had fun. She needs a lot of practice [and so do I of course] but it was a lot of fun. I told her we can play half an hour everyday as long as it's not raining [and too hot]. As a result of our first game, I'm sore all over...especially my back and my thighs. Obviously, the muscles being used to play it are different from the muscles I use when I use the tread climber or when I hula hoop. I kinda' expected the back and arm pain but not the pain on my legs and thighs. Oh well...I'll get used to it sooner or later.

After our little 'face off', we headed out to do some errands. We went to get some fro-yo [of course] then browsed at some stores. Since it was almost dinner time when we got done 'browsing' we also decided to eat in one of the restos close to home...just because I said so. I just didn't feel like cooking so....


J said…
wake up !!!!!!

Badminton - I haven't played in decades. I remember I used to be pikon all the time when I played with my siblings. Tayong mga bagets, hindi na maaasahan ang mga buto hahaha. It's good walang nabali sa yo hahaha. But I'm sure, masasanay din mga muscles that you use if you keep playing.

sana huminto na ang ulan dyan. dito tuloy-tuloy na heat wave.

keep dry.

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