A Recurrence

Eversince I can remember I've always had a problem with digestion. I have 'gas' a lot of times and passing it is not very easy for me...unlike many people. I've never really consulted a doctor about it because it's something I've been living with since I was a little girl. Generally it does not affect my day to day functions but there are days when all I want to do is lay down because it's the only way I can get relief. There are some days though like the past few days that I get these terrible gas pains that even laying down cannot help. These are the times when I have to take something to relieve me of the pain. Some days the medicine works almost immediately, some days it takes forever. Today was more like the latter. I took the pill but the pain didn't go away as fast as I would like it to. It did go away eventually but I had to stop what I was doing because of the discomfort I was feeling. Ugh! Maybe it's time I ask a doctor about it. If it doesn't get any better in the coming day or two, I may just have to do that. Besides my "conscience" [aka DH] has been bugging me to do just that anyway. So yes, I may just go find me a gastroenterologist nearby. I just hate that the list of the doctors I have to see is getting longer. Is that a sign of aging or what???

Anyway, that's what's going on with me the last few days. I call it a 'recurrence' because I haven't had this stomach pain in quite a while. I remember having it regularly when I first started teaching. I remember having a stash of canned milk in my classroom so I could just drink it whenever I was getting the pangs in my stomach. I always thought that was because of work-related stress. Come to think of it, this one I'm having right now MAY also be caused by stress. Ha! Oh well. I just hope it goes away already. I hate it when I have it...just like any other 'pains'.


J said…
Hmmp... maybe it's time to see a Doc Tuks. You must have a high pain threshold. ako kasi mababa.

I also used to have gas pains when I was still working back home. Everyday from Monday to Friday at about 2 or 3 p.m. tapos pag weekends wala. Then when I go on extended leave say, 3 weeks, 3 weeks din na wala. that finally stopped for good when I quit altogether. 13 years na ang nakalipas hahaha.

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