Laid Back Weekend

I stayed home all weekend long while hubby went to visit a friend and store [with the little one in tow]. I didn't want to go anywhere so I begged off not to go with them. I was just not in the mood to go anywhere so I stayed home and did some stuff around the house. And for the first time maybe in a year, I picked up my guitar again. Since I haven't played it for such a long time, I had to tune it again. That's probably the part I hate the most and that's because I don't have the ear to do it. I bought a tuner a couple of years ago but I already forgot how to use it...haha. Hubby looked for an app for guitar tuning and found one almost immediately. He installed it on my tablet and voila...problem solved. I'm not really good in playing the guitar. I can't just pick it up and start playing a song. I need a copy of the song complete with tabs of course. The little one sang along with me while I was playing but only for one song. At least I was able to accompany her while she was singing. Woo hoo. I'm hoping I can continue playing to at least practice [and to get better at it hopefully].

Another thing that I've been trying to play 'catch-up' with are the videos I have stored either in disc or the computer. Or some mini-cassettes. Yes, mini-cassettes. We had to dig out the old video camera in order to play the cartridges but transferring the files proved to be a bigger challenge than we like. My desktop is way too advanced for the driver of the palmcorder so we had to use hubby's desktop which is an ancient computer and has an older operating system. He had to 'operate' on it [hello computer surgery] to fix the fire wire on the CPU only to find out that we need a certain kind of cable to do that. In short, we're now waiting on that cable to come in the mail in the next few days so we can complete the tedious task of transferring the files from those mini-cassette to the computer. I'm hoping it'll work out fine. We didn't realize that we still have a lot of raw footages in those mini-tapes. We thought we were able to transfer them all on discs. NOPE!

That's what I've been up to the past weekend. I was kind of feeling a bit 'down' and my inability to sleep soundly at night is not helping in anyway. It may even be the culprit as to why I've been feeling this way for the last several days. Hearing about the passing of a sister in law's sister also dampened my spirit somehow. I only met her once but hubby met up with her and his brother a couple of weekends ago and he said she was fine so it was a shock. It just made me think once more that life is not in our hands and that it can be taken away anytime. We just never know when it's our time already...


J said…
Bulaga.... Eto I'm back to reality hahaha.

Hay naku ako ay walang tiyaga sa mga ganitong trabaho. Yung mga amin, hanggang cassettes na lang. Ang dami naming travel videos na forever nang nakabinbin. Yung videocam namin eh buti na lang, yung mini na at hindi mukhang ancient at may option to use memory stick (Sony lingo yata ito) in addition to micro casette. buhay na buhay pa mukhang bago pero retired na siya haha. Nasa market pa ba ang mga micro cassettes na yan?

Btw, Tuks can you please tell me if my pamangkin has middle name (yung sa atin second name tawag dun. Iba kasi dito di ba?). Pwedeng ASAP??? Thanks.

Siya.... Enjoy your FL weather. Kami summer ulit today.
Ciela said…
Hello there! Musta na ang guitar player and singer? Practice practice lang pag may time. Malay mo, ikaw na ang next AI?!

About those video tapes, ang bilis kasi ng turn over ng technologies kaya hayan, wasted lang yung mga tapes ng Sony camcorders. Dito rin, ganyan. Wla naman marunong mag transfer to whatever para mapanood pa. Kaya nasira lang!

Finally, I'm here. Tagal din bago nakadalaw eh! Ingat ingat! Luv yah, Huling!

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