Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rain, Rain and More Rain...

And did I say rain? That's how our first few days of Fall have been going. It's not continuous but it still keeps the ground pretty wet. Little one is not very happy because our afternoon games have been on hold since Sunday. Right now it's looking quite promising but we can't be too certain because the rain just pops on us much like the mushrooms that have been popping on our yard since last week. We have these white spots a.k.a. mushroom heads everywhere. If only they're edible, I'd be having mushroom for dinner every night...but they're not. This makes me think about how I used to hunt for mushrooms under our banana plants in our yard when I was growing up after a night time rain. Those mushrooms were definitely yummy. It still makes me salivate just thinking about how my mother would put them on top of cooking rice so I could have them for breakfast.

Anyway, even though it's been raining a lot here, the temperature are still staying well above 80s sometimes even hitting the low 90s almost everyday. But even if the Fall temps are not felt it's definitely Fall already because it gets darker earlier now and the it's still dark at 7 AM when I get up in the morning. I have to turn on the lights now instead of just opening the blinds. If there's one thing I'm very excited about this change of season...it's the 'extra hour' of sleep we'll get sometime in November [?]. Ha! Am I lame or what? Oh well...

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J said...

rained out ulit kayo today? kami dito dry pero tag lamig na talaga. nakakatamd na ulit maglalalabas.

once in a while, I run into the variety of mushroom that's popular sa atin. and when I do, I always buy them. iba ang taste from the varieties na nandito.

mid-week na ulit. ang bilis!

take care.