Ready and Available

...and hopefully, able. I'm referring to lawyers around here. It seems that there is a lawyer for everything nowadays. I mean if you need, say a san diego sexual harassment attorney, one will be available for you for sure. How can I be sure of that? The advertisements I see on TV. They run 24/7 around here. I actually think that's a good thing because you just never know when you're going to need one. I believe my husband finds the lawyers he hires through the yellow book. At least that's how he found the immigration lawyer we used when I moved here. Anyway, I just wish it's also like that back in the Philippines. Fortunately we never needed a lawyer when I was growing up but I can't help but wonder now how that would have gone if we needed one. There are no advertisements of any kind about lawyer there back then. I'm not quite sure about the present but I'm guessing nothing much has changed. It's a good thing I know a soon-to be lawyer now back home. At least I know who to contact there just in case we will need one in the future.


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