Rich with Coins?

We finally emptied the little one's piggy bank a few weeks ago. She's been waiting for that for a long time. We told her that we'd open it when the coin she's putting in couldn't get in anymore because it's so full. That happened so it was time to empty it. As soon as we dumped it all on her bed, she said that she's rich! with coins that is. We told her that she's not THAT rich yet unless she can find a bunch of silver dimes as well as other rare coins in the pile. She was up to the challenge and started sorting the coins right away. She got excited when she found something different from the pile. She thought she hit it big but it turned out that it's a token that got in the mix. I guess Dad gave her one without knowing that it's not a coin. Anyway, she already finished sorting the coins and she didn't find any silver dime or any other valuable coin. I guess she has to get rich the conventional


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