Summer Out! Fall In...

And it's a rainy first day of Autumn around here. The rain actually woke me up around 5 o'clock this morning. It stopped for a few hours but it started again about an hour ago. It's on and off now but it pours when it's on. If it continues to be like this then the little one and I won't be able to play badminton in the backyard later on. Oh well...we can always do it tomorrow.

Just like the past couple of weekends, we're staying indoors this weekend. I still don't feel like going anywhere. My stomach is much better compared to how it felt a few days ago. I have to make small changes with my eating. I try to eat small meals every few hours. I'm still not consistent but I'm hoping I can get used to it and make it a habit. It seems to be helping that's why I want to keep on doing it. I just hope I can do it on a regular basis and not only when I have some tummy problems.

I am hoping to feel a lot better as we welcome this new season. I'm quite tired feeling these aches and pains quite regularly. It seems to be the norm around here now. Sigh...


J said…
Fall has fallen hahaha. what a statement!

tag lamig na ulit dine sa bandang amin.

I hope that tummy pain disappears for good. parang ang hirap lang yata ang several small meals. or baka naman ako lang yun kasi ako ay matakaw hahaha. yun ay kung type ko ang food.

how's my Celeste? give my love and hugs to her.

siya... kain ng konti every now and then. take care!

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