The Hunt

Yep, we are on a hunt. For. A. Plaid. Skirt. And not just any plaid skirt. It's for a PURPLE plaid skirt. It's proving to be a very difficult task. I thought it won't be that hard to find it online but I'm wrong ~ so what else is new ~. I did find some online but they're either too expensive or too edgy for our taste. By the way, it's not for me. It's for the little one. So we decided to head out last Saturday to see if they have what we're looking for at the mall or at the stores outside of the mall. Nope. Well, sort of. Some stores have plaid skirts. Not just in the color she wants. We found one in a shop in the mall but it's more like a costume. It's a costume shop so what did I expect, eh? The color was right but the style, not quite. I was actually on the verge of buying it [because I was exhausted already] but we decided against it at the last minute. Still, we hid the skirt behind the other skirts just in case we decide to go for it. Well, we didn't.

After hours of walking and store hopping...we failed. I was trying to convince her to just get the usual red/black plaid skirt that a few stores carry but to no avail. She has her mind set and there's no way of changing it. Dad said that he may just buy the material and sew it himself. What? I know he'll do it...if he HAS the time. I have no doubt in my mind that he can pull it off because he already did so in the past. But like I said...time is not on his side because he's very busy at work. And me? I'll pass because I've never sewn anything in my life and I'm not starting now. I'm also skeptical that we'll find purple plaid cloth that easily. So the Daddy making the skirt himself....unlikely for now. Oh well. Like I said, we'll keep looking. Who knows she may even get over her obsession with it soon. It happened can happen again, yes?


J said…
Hay naku! Mailap si perpol na plaid skirt. Grabe at talagang kinarir ninyo ang paghahanap. Bakit naman kasi kailangan perpol, pwede naman plaid lang hahaha. Dusa talaga.

Good luck sa hunt. I'm sure the AMA will not stop hanggang mapasaya ang prinsesa.

Hope your week started right and dry :-) .

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