A Ball of Fire


We headed out yesterday evening for an appointment. As we were driving down the highway, I couldn't help but take a picture of the center of our universe. It was almost 7 o'clock at night and it was still shining oh so bright prompting our driver to put on his cool shades because it was blinding him. I told him to get closer to it but he couldn't [and he was driving fast too]. I wonder why. Tee hee....Anyway, I was actually surprised to still see that much of the sun out at that time now that it's Fall already. I thought it would be nestled in it's resting place by 6 o'clock but it's not. Oh well. It won't be long before it starts setting much earlier.

On another note, the appointment we went to was by far the fastest we had in ages. The appointment was at 7 and we got there a little after 7 and we were the only people waiting. Things started rolling almost as soon as we got in and we were out there before 7:30. What???? Yep, in and out in under half an hour. How cool is that? We were home at about 8 PM. Woot!  How I wish all our appointments will be that short and sweet. But they won't. Especially if it's at a doctor's office....like this one.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone...


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