A Different Halloween

For the past 11 years our little one who is not so little anymore donned a costume for Halloween. We also went trick or treatin' for most of those 11 years. There were a couple of years we weren't able to go. The first time was because of hubby's work and the second time was because of the time mix-up. We never went trick or treatin' around our neighborhood because we didn't have enough neighbors that gave out candies so we always went to the mall to do it. We could have gone to other villages/neighborhoods like what others did but we thought the mall was more secure and safer and convenient for us. There was always a big crowd there so it was more fun to watch and see kids [and some oldies sometimes] running around.

Anyway, this year the 'tradition' stops. Our little one won't be donning a costume anymore. She was already a bit awkward last year when she was going around at the mall because she was one of the tallest [if not the tallest] in line. So this year when it was brought up, we simply said she may just be a wee bit 'old' to be asking for candies...and she agreed. I actually expected a little bit of resistance from her but none came. I guess she also feels the same way. We'll still go to the mall to watch other kids in costume because that's practically why she enjoyed it anyway...the costume. Dad also promised to get her a bag of candies. So yep, this will be one different Halloween for us. Hopefully she'll enjoy it nonetheless. That's all that matters to us anyway.


J said…
talagang ibang iba ang Halloween ninyo this year. and the Dad needs to get a bag of candies??? natawa ako at kailangan talaga huh?

maginaw dito kaya ayan maghapon ako nagkulong today. nagpaka busy na lang kuno sa kusina habang yung Mama ay nag ehersisyo sa gym ng apat na oras (lang naman).

tapos na ulit ang weekend. hope yours was peaceful and relaxing.

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