I guess that sums it up. It's not work related but something more important. The little one's annual evaluation was last Monday so we had to review to prepare for it. We spent last week [plus some weekend] and most of Monday reviewing. It was stressful....to me being the 'teacher'. To her...not so much. I kind of remind me of my Gr. 6 teacher when I was reviewing for an academic contest. She was all stressed out and I was just chilling during our review time. I always had the feeling that it frustrated her that I wasn't as stressed as she was. What can I say...I was in Gr. 6 and all I wanted to do was to get it over with so I could play. Yep, same situation I'm having with the little one now....except the roles are reversed now. Woe is me, eh?

Anyway, everything turned out great. She's always exceeding her evaluator's expectations. She's now ready to move to the next level which is 8th grade. I personally feel she's not ready yet so I'm still going to get her both Gr. 7 & 8 materials. I believe her evaluator asked me to 'take it easy'. Easier said than done I must say. I always have this feeling that we're not doing enough. Or maybe that's just me. Ugh!


J said…
hello!!!!! nabuhay ako hahaha.

congrats to the titser and my celeste. kailan ba start ng school niya? hay naku Tuks masyado yatang conservative at ayaw mo mag move up sa 8th grade. but then again, you are the teacher so mas alam mo.

froyo tayo. grabe mainit dito sa bandang amin. I luv it but the downside is yong central air dito sa amin eh turned off na kaya mainit sa house. buti na lang meron kaming kaisa-isang fan. it went from me being very cold in the house kasi hindi pa na turn on ang heat to pinagpapawisan pati singit hahaha.

nawa'y relaxing ang iyong weekend.have fun!

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