Catching Up

One of the people I got really close to when I was still teaching in Taiwan just gave me a call last week. She's here for both business and pleasure. For the business part she's attending a trade show in the west coast because her son is into selling jewelry wholesale and they're able to secure a booth in that trade show. What a great timing for their business because the holiday season is about to kick off. Hopefully they'll be able to get clients out of this trip.For the pleasure part of the trip, she's visiting her other children who now reside here. Anyway, she was like a mother to me when we were working together so it was a nice surprise to hear her voice again after so many years. Too bad their schedule is so packed that a trip on this part of the country is not in their itinerary this time around. She promised though that if and when they visit this part, we'll definitely get together. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that of course.


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