Cloudy with a Chance of....

...rain of course. Yesterday was the same. We had bouts of rain every few hours. The rain would only last for a few minutes but it's pouring when it happened. It's a good thing for our barely month old dogwood tree in the backyard because it was droopy for a few days. With all the water it's getting, it now looks very yay!

So the weekend came and went and I wasn't able to post anything here, eh? I just didn't feel like writing that's why. Anyhooo...nothing exciting happened over the weekend. We went driving around on Saturday though. We ended up in a park in another county and we did a short nature walk in the park. The park was like a ghost town. It's surprising since it's a Saturday and we only saw a total of 4 people in there and one of them is someone that works at the park. I guess people assumed it will be closed because of the shutdown. It's pretty sad actually. Anyway  back to our short trek. It was supposed to be an hour long trek but we decided to take the 'short loop' because we weren't actually dressed to be going on a trek. There are a lot of bugs there and when hubby heard mosquitoes buzzing around us, he decided we should turn back already...and we did.

In the coming weekends, we may just do a long drive again and head somewhere north of us again. I'm not sure where yet but there's a big chance we may go back to Georgia. It was the same time last year when we were doing the same thing and we feel it's time to do it again. The little one has been asking us since forever when we're doing it again. She enjoyed our trips to GA so she can't wait to go back there again. It's the perfect time to do it now because it's not that busy at hubby's work but they're about to get busy again in a month or so. I guess we should really take that trip sooner than later then, eh? I better start packing ASAP...


J said…
The past 2 days have been great in the mountains hahaha. Pouring rain naman daw starting tomorrow night into Saturday morning. Ang haba... Parang babaha (just kidding, huwag naman sana). Been feeling on the edge kasi malapit na ang anniversary ni Sandy.

Pwedeng paangkas when you go to GA? Haven't been on a looooomg drive in a long, long time. Paano, parehong tamad ang mga drivers dito plus si sexie masyadong demanding and yung dine-demand pa niya ay highest octane. Si asawa insists sa Shell lang dapat magpakarga. So bottomline magastos! Kung sana malapit kayo dito noh?

Hope your week is going great.
J said…
Bulaga! Hindi ako makatulog kaya gumagala na lang muna.

Ano ba yung comment ko? On the edge??? Bwahaha. On edge - yan kasi kakamadali.

Buti lumalamig na sa inyo. Nicer temps are about to come while yung pinaka ayaw kong temps ay padating sa bandang amin. Hay buhay!

Yung nasa gabi ko dito ang himbing ng tulog. Kainggit!

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