That's one of the things we always look for when we hire someone to do our taxes. When hubby didn't have a small business to run, he always did our taxes. We just didn't see the need of paying someone do it since it was just simple tax preparations. When he started his own company, he decided to hire someone to do both our personal as well as their company's taxes which worked out for a few years. For a reason that I won't divulge here, we decided to find another accountant a couple of years ago. It's working out fine until we got a letter from the IRS recently. It's all taken cared of now but needless to say, we are again looking for another accountant. We've come across several accountants online like Carson Thorn but we're taking our time in hiring the next one. I know there are a lot of good accountants out there but we want to make sure that our experience with our latest one won't happen again. Hopefully we'll be able to find one soon so the one we have can be replaced already. When we got that letter from IRS, I knew that the competency of this current one is definitely questionable.


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