Tedious Task

I've been trying to make copies of our home movies that are in DVDs and transferring them to our external drive. Hubby said that DVDs are normally good only for 10 years and most of her DVDs are older than that. I thought that once they're in DVDs then we're all set. I guess not. So even if I wasn't sure how to do the task, I decided to do it and just learn along the way. As it turns out, it's one tedious task because I had to extract [not sure if that's the correct term to use] the files from the DVDs and make another home movie out of it. The only difference this time around is I don't have to do a lot of editing anymore.

All in all, it took me more than a month [even longer I think] to transfer about a dozen DVDs to our external drive. I still have some more to transfer but I'm glad I'm done with the oldest ones. Hopefully I'll be able to finish all of them before this year ends.


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