What Sad News

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Philippines this past Tuesday morning. Just like any other earthquake, this one took everyone by surprise. I heard about it on Tuesday morning here when I turned the TV on at around 7 AM. I don't think my family in Luzon felt it because they're quite far from the epicenter which is in the Visayas. Still it didn't lessen the sadness I felt because it happened in my homeland and so many people perished because of this natural calamity.

Growing up I was always scared of earthquakes. Who wouldn't? Unlike typhoons and floods that always came with some kind of a warning, an earthquake is like a thief in the night that can strike without warning. The worst earthquake I've experienced though didn't happen back home but in Taiwan. It was measured 7.6 in the Richter scale. To make it even worse, it happened in the middle of the night and I was living in an apartment located on the fifth floor of the building. I was of course fast asleep when it happened and I remember getting up to turn the light on in my room. As I got up, I felt like sliding down and it scared the bejesus out of me. It took me a couple of seconds to realize there was an earthquake.  As soon as it stopped, my flat mates and I ran downstairs just to be on the safe side. We only went back upstairs a couple hours later when we felt it was all over. Of course it wasn't because there were aftershocks afterwards. Thousands perished in the earthquake.

Anyway, I can only pray for all those affected by this natural calamity. I am hoping and praying that the number of casualties as a result of this earthquake don't increase anymore and that the aftershocks don't brings anymore damages.


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