The Irony of It...

While the little one and I were having breakfast this morning she couldn't help herself and said that because of the 'grey hair' I have as well as the wrinkles and brown spots on my face, I almost look like a grandma already. Can you say OUCH? I could have said ouch but I didn't. I didn't get mad either or offended. I've long embraced my grey hair. I can easily go to a saloon and have it dyed but I choose not to...for now anyway. As for the wrinkles, they don't bother me at all. The brown spots...they've been there since forever so I'm used to them already.

So what was my 'comeback' to my very honest daughter? I just told her that those things don't really bother me. That I'm glad I'm getting old because the alternative to that is being dead. Ain't that the truth? It's kind of funny actually that she decided to tell me that this morning because lately I've been thinking a lot about getting old and all that came with it.  I stumbled upon this post on my friend's FB wall a few days ago and it says: Getting old is a privilege denied to many. Indeed. The thing is we try to survive for as long as we can so we CAN get old, right? Then what do others do when age starts showing? They try to look younger than their age. To me that's the irony of it all. Whether we like it or not our body will show signs of age. We just have to accept that that's the way it is. Of course we should also make sure that we take care of ourselves so we won't look older than we should. What I don't understand are those that go the extremes to 'freeze time' that their faces actually look just that...frozen. Oh well. I guess it's because they have the means to do it. I just don't see myself doing that even if I have the millions to do it.

I am hoping our little one won't grow thinking that physical beauty is all that matters. She's at that stage where she's very conscious of her physical appearance. We all go through that phase of course and we're hoping she'll pull through gracefully. I'm sure she will.


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