Time's Changed....

While doing my morning walk earlier today I was watching, what else but the 'Today' show. They're celebrating one of the hosts' birthday. There were a lot of guests as well as foods, even a grill inspired birthday cake. But those weren't the ones that caught my attention while I was watching. It's the glass, rather, jars that the hosts used to sip on their drinks. I think they're called mason jars.

Why did that catch my attention? Growing up, we also used mason jars as our drinking glass. Not because it was the 'in' thing back then but because we couldn't afford to buy regular drinking glasses. True story. I was hesitant to invite friends/classmates back then because our plates were not the matched sets and, yes, because we drank from mason jars. Today, they're used at fancy restaurants...here in a first world country. They're also used in some restaurants back home now because I saw a lot of pictures in social networks.

The same is true with furniture. I was browsing a magazine not too long ago and I came across a picture of a chair that looks identical to a chair I hated when I was growing up. That's because it's made of some kind of metal and it looked awful. It also didn't have any cushion on it so it hurt my bee-hind when I sat on it. In the magazine, that chair was the focal point in the room. I looked at the price of similar chairs and I couldn't believe my eyes as to how expensive they are today. We had about 6 of them when I was growing up. I don't know where they are now but I'm sure we don't have them anymore. I think we threw them away when we were able to replace them with better looking ones. How I wish we kept them...but we didn't, much like those mason jars.

Anyway, it got me thinking as to which of the items we have here at home now will cost a small fortune in the future. I'm now hesitating to throw away any of our stuff. They might just turn out to be our 'retirement' fund. Yes, I'm talking about the pickle jar that we just emptied last week.


Ciela said…
hello huling! speaking of the old stuff, ..mason jars and old chairs, dami nyo palang na-dispose na kayamanan! i remember, meron din kami nung ganun nung little girl pa ko! (pero don't ask kung what year yun!) haha.. ganun yta, ung pagiging antique ang nagbibigay ng classy touch! ako namn yung sewing machine na de mano ng aking mahal na ina ang may value today which nabenta ko lang ng bargain price. sayang! right you are, start keeping and caring na for those pickle jars.. very valuable yan in the future! how's the weather in the sunshine state? share naman some of your getaways!.. ako eto,
pasyal pasyal lng sa blog pag may time. busy lagi e. see you again! regards sa iyong mag-ama! luv ya!
J said…
Gandang hapon :-)

Oo nga at balik ang mga dating hindi natin kinagiliwan. Lokong-loko ako sa mga mason jars since last year. Sabi ni F what will I do with all of them daw? Surprisingly, I'm finding them as convenient storage bins too aside from using them to store fresh juice and smoothies.

Hope your Labor Day is not laborious (lol). Relax-relax lang.

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