It seems that's what I do now everytime I need to purchase something. Who can blame me when there are some many places now to choose from whenever we have to make a purchase. It doesn't really matter if it's clothes, appliances or even insurance policies. And it can't get any easier today. All we have to do now is go online to get a rate from this website then compare it with the rate of another website. We can actually compare as many prices or rates as we want depending on the free time we have on our hands. Since I stay at home in most days, I can do that all day. This is why I am sometimes tasked to do just that by my someone who shall not be named. Ha! Anyway, speaking of which I am on to my next 'mission' actually. What could that be? I am supposed to hunt for a cheaper car insurance. Our policy is up in about a month and we just got the renewal notice and it's jacked up by almost 50%. We rarely use it, just like our health insurance so I don't really know why they would raise the price but just like what the husband said, it's their loss because now we're looking for a different provider. So there!


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