Fall has Fallen?

Much like 'Spring has Sprung', eh?

Here it's more like 'rainFALL' season instead of Fall season actually. This week it's mostly rainy in the forecast and so far, it's been accurate. Oh well, I guess even rainy season can be tardy sometimes, eh?

Moving on, I've been quite busy lately. Mostly researching, contacting people, etc. It's been pretty hectic I must say because we're trying to beat some kind of a deadline...and it's not even work related. It's very time consuming as well as physically and mentally draining. You would think it won't be as physically demanding since I'm doing most of it online but that can take a toll on you believe it or not. Well guess what...we decided to slow down and take our time. First, there is no sense in hurrying it up. I think rushing to get it done will only cost us some unnecessary stress as well money. We're trying to meet some demands that we initially agreed to. We now realize that those demands are probably baseless and yes, unnecessary to comply with. So Imma' just sit back and relax and let whatever it is I'm getting all stressed about take its course. Well, maybe with a little help from us of course.

In other news...out tread climber was picked up last weekend. I was kinda' sad to see it go but it has to. The recumbent bike is now in place and so far so good. When I say that I meant it's being put to good use by the one who needs it...not me. Aha! I'm quite disciplined when it comes to my morning routine that's why. I clock in between 40 to an hour on it while the little one does her normal 15 minutes every morning. Just enough to make her heart rate go a bit faster than normal. And finally, McG...he's been on it a few times this week starting last Sunday. I don't know how much time he spends on it and it doesn't matter to me...as long as he's using it regularly then I'm happy. I'm hoping it continues until we get the results we want. Wish US luck....yes, all of us...for different reasons. Toink!


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