It's That Time...

...of the year again. Well, almost. I'm talking about the onslaught of festivities that are on the way. A few weeks ago a TV host actually mentioned that Christmas decorations were already up in some stores...and it's only early July. I think that's a bit early. Beside there are other festivities before Christmas. Anyway, we were walking around a strip of stores last weekend and one of the stores we passed by is decorated with Halloween stuff. The little one got all excited because she likes dressing up for Halloween. Last year she didn't really dress up although she donned a mask when we were walking around the mall. This year she said she wants to find something she can wear as well. So I'm now looking at department 56 halloween stuff hoping to find something for her. The thing is I'm actually finding some things I like because there are a lot of neat Halloween decors in this site. I have a couple of pumpkin lanterns already but I may just get some other Halloween stuff because the little one likes to decorate her little bedroom. I'm hoping I'll find some kind of a costume for her here as well.


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