What Happened?

I've been MIA for several days. I want to write a lot of things here but I just don't have the mojo to do it. I tried a couple of times but I end up putting it in the draft folder then deleting it altogether.

Anyway, I've been busy going around both online and offline stores to look for things I need to put in the box I'm sending to the Philippines. The last delivery came in late last week and we spent last weekend going around the mall as well as other stores. It was night time already when we got back home but we were able to pick up some stuff so I was happy, tired but happy. I was finally able to tape it close earlier this week and it's now waiting in the garage ready to be picked up by the cargo company later this week. According to him it will reach its destination either last week of January or first week of February. A little late for Christmas but oh well....

With the box all packed, my Christmas shopping is almost done. The list for Santa has been fulfilled except for one item. It's actually a pretty short list so it didn't take a lot of time to get it done. We're actually racking our brains now as to what else to add to it. Our little one is obviously over that stage when all she could ask for were toys and more toys which made her list before almost impossible to fulfill. I remember one year when she requested for a 'rotary phone'. They're virtually non-existent unless you want to pay by the thousands to get a real [vintage] one. We got her one but it's not really a rotary phone, only one that resembles one. It was good enough for her. She was just 7 at that time.

As for me and my other half, we don't get presents for each other anymore. Sometimes we surprise each other with something but they're usually for fun only. This year we may not even do that since we're planning in doing something early next year. Last year we went out of state for Christmas. This year we're staying put. The main reason we went out of town then was to see snow...and family of course. We did that already so we'll be home for Christmas this time around.


J said…
Oh yes, what happened?

Eto ako, I can't wind down at kakatapos ko manigaw ng bruha sa phone. Take note: 1st time narinig akong ganun after almost 15 years. Hay buhay talaga. Toxic people just don't want to give me my peace.

Not sure about our destination sa Noche buena. Magiging maulan at mahangin daw all day into early Christmas Day. The newly minted kristyano(hilaw Lang pala muna) is feeling down because he wants to attend midnight mass. Kung Kailan daw mas may meaning Ang pasko niya, doon naman daw hindi cooperative ang weder. Sabi ko kasi go na Lang kami sa 10:00 am mass pero pumapalag. Optimistic ang attitude at hihinto daw ang ulan when it's time for us to go:-)

Naway ma ligaya at patama ang niyong pasko. Enjoy your Noche buena. Mwah

J said…
Ay ano ba yan? *patama daw hahaha. Sabi ko mapayapa ahihi. Mas marunong pa sa akin itong gamit ko.

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