We're at it again. It usually starts with just one piece of item like a bedding or a pillow case then it becomes a total make-over of the whole bedroom. It's not me surprisingly, but the other half. I'm the one that tries to put the brakes but when he makes up his mind then there's little I can do about it.

It started with the old, okay, worn out, quilt on our bed. I was the one that suggested we should probably look for a replacement already. So off we went shopping in all the nearby stores. We couldn't find the one we both like which should of course match the rest of the bedroom but we still went for it. At first we picked a quilt only. We brought it home but we didn't quite like how it goes with the rest of the room. Right there and then we, I meant he, suggested [read: decided] that we should probably think about changing the whole bedding and not just the quilt. I reluctantly agreed. It's not a big of a deal anyway. We went back to the store to return the quilt and started looking for a bedding set. We couldn't find any to our liking in any of the stores so we decided to look at home and patio décor center online. After a lot of back and forth searches, we MAY have found the one. We may have found it but still haven't ordered anything yet. Any guesses why? Well, because now someone wants to look at some bathroom stuff for the master bathroom. This is because the old bathroom décor was kind of matching with the bedroom décor because we bought them all at the same time a few years ago. This time it's up to me to decide whether I would want to do that or not. So here I am scratching my head wondering: What did I get myself into? Decisions, decisions....


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