Simple Life....

When we visited my family in 2012 we didn't actually spend as much time as I would have liked with most of them. That's because we planned a road trip which took most of our time. Since we were on the road majority of the stay, we weren't able to spend as much time in my childhood home.

During our recent trip, that's exactly what we did. We spent a lot of time in my childhood home. We actually stayed home too much that we got bored after a while. But it was somehow an 'eye opener' for me as well as my significant other.

On his part, he was finally able to experience 'real summer' back there. Both trips happened in April. But since we were in an air-conditioned car most of the time during our 2012 trip, we didn't really feel how hot it was. This time around, the air-con was only in our room. As soon as we stepped outside, it's hot. As a result, the AC in our room stayed on the whole day because it served as a reprieve from the heat. Every time he's overwhelmed he would run to what he called as his 'refuge from the heat'. Ha!

It's a totally different experience for me though since it's like a trip down memory lane for me. I've been away from home practically since I started college. I still went back on weekends until 1997 but for only a day or two. After that, I was barely home since I was working abroad. Still, the way of life I grew up knowing didn't seem to change much based on what I saw this time around. They still wake up in the crack of dawn to do chores and spend almost the whole day planning what to eat for the next meal. My DH was in awe as to how much my family cook and eat day in, day out. He's surprised that our regular lunch and dinner times here are actually snack time back there. LOL.

Life is simple there. Yes they have struggles [especially financially] but the simplicity of life is something I envy. I have a very simple life here but theirs is much simpler. They only have cellphones and of course TV and yes, radios. They don't have internet. My nieces only access FB through their cellphones. I actually like the lack of internet. Without it I am not tempted to browse and read news that affect me so much even if it shouldn' I do here on a daily basis...several times a day. It was a welcome change for me.

Now that I'm back home, I'm back to my old routine of just that...browsing online for things that I shouldn't be reading. I'm hoping I can cut back on that and just go back to that very simple life I've again experienced back home. I can only hope. Sigh....


Ciela said…
Surprise!!! Ayun oh! May naganap na palang pagba-balikbayan dito, walang paramdam! Hehe.. Musta na ang pamangkin ko from Florida?! Dami kong na-miss dito!

Trying to make a come back to blogland! Ewan lang kung magawa ko! Lol! But will be back here for sure! Regards to M and E! Ingat and God bless! Mwah!

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