Shoe Aficionado....

Or should I say 'aficionada' since it's a she who actually likes shoes so much that I'm tagging her that term. On her birthday we actually got her 2 pairs of sneakers, a pair of sandals and a pair of flip-flops. That was barely  a month ago. Our shoe holder on the foyer is full...of her kicks! Well, it's for all of our shoes but she has the most in there. Her bedroom is also starting to look like a shoe store because of the boxes of shoes there. I decided to get an under the bed shoe holder to free up space in the shared shoe holder.

You would think that because of this she will slow down in wanting more pairs. Not quite. One pair she's always wanted is a pair of cowboy boots. I think she's been wanting them eversince she was about 5 years old. We haven't gotten her a pair for a couple of reasons. First, her feet are growing by the minute and we didn't want to spend the money on shoes that she'd only wear once or twice. Second, our weather is not really boots- friendly. But now that her feet seem to have stopped growing, I have started looking at Cowboy boots at Eli's Western Wear to see if we can finally get her a pair. I've seen quite a few pairs that I *think* she might like. Still, I'd rather she chooses the pair because she already has her own taste. I'm just hoping that once she picks a pair, her feet won't grow any bigger anymore or we will have a pair of cowboy boots that are way too big for me and too girly for Daddy. Ha!


J said…
Ako din! Ako din! Kaklase ko talaga si E. But can I say that was in my past life. I tend to believe hindi and ako katulad dati haha

Ano na ang mga kaganapan dyan? Enjoy your 90 degree weather. Dito unsettled 70 Lang kami today 😜

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