Well...Hello There!

It's been a while. Where have I been and what have I been up to?

For one, I've been to Mississippi earlier this month. Actually, it's the whole family that traveled to MS. It wasn't a vacation by any means. We just accompanied the man of the house for a service call. It was a very tiring trip because we were on the road for most of it. It seems like we just went there to spend the night then drive back home. How long was the drive? It took us about 11 hours, one way. We left on a Monday morning and came back home Tuesday evening ~ around midnight. It's okay because we spent that time together so no worries.

After that whirlwind trip to MS we've been staying put at home. Although the weekend before last, my father and daughter tandem had a one of a kind experience. Both of them were able to ride a gyrocopter or gyroplane. Originally, it was only the Dad who was supposed to ride it. When he got off he said that maybe the little one can also do it one of these days. The pilot chimed in and said that he could actually take her up there to experience it right there and then. You would think our little one would be kinda' scared and say not now or something to that effect. Nope. She took him on his offer and up they went. As expected she had a blast while she was 500 feet off the ground in an open 'copter. Me on the other hand was on edge for the duration of the 'flight'. But she had fun and that's all that matters, eh? Oh...did I go as well? What are you? Crazy??? Of course....NOT! Maybe one day when the husband already has his own gyro. MAYBE...

Work has been a bit busy lately...not today though that's why I'm able to type away. But since coming back from our trip, it has picked up quite a bit. I'm not really sure why but I'm not complaining. I'm just hoping that it continues to be this way.

Anyhooo...that's about it for now. Have a great rest of the day....


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