It's Back!

Yep! That's my nose coming back from hiatus. It's been on vacation mode for years! Haha! And yes, my nose is really that big. Ask my husband and he'd tell you. LOL.

Anyway, I'm of course speaking figuratively. My big nose still sits on my face all these years but that's all it was doing. I haven't been able to use it for its main purpose for such a long time that I learned to live without it...most of the time anyway. I would get it, a whiff if you may, once in a while but it doesn't last long enough for me to even enjoy a meal. I got by but it wasn't fun definitely. Anyway, I've had it back for more than a week now. I still have some more tests that need to be done and I'm not looking forward to them. Hopefully nothing drastic needs to be done to keep my sense of smell or I won't be a happy camper. As for now, I'm just trying to enjoy tasting and smelling the foods I can get my hands on.


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