Trip...trippin' Away....

It's been one busy year for us as far as travelling is concerned. I'm not really into that but for some reason, I'm getting the hang of it...going on long road trips. I used to get motion sickness when I was younger. I wouldn't say I outgrew it because I was still having it when I was already teaching and that's why I never liked taking trips. Unfortunately, the little one took after me. She has somehow got over that already, thanks to the trips we've been taking, but I still remember when an hour drive would make her nauseated already. I still carry anti-nausea medicine with me wherever we go just in case.

Anyway, the first time we went on a long road trip was when we went to North Georgia in September 2012. The trip was about an 8-hour drive from where we live so it's indeed a long drive. We went there on 2 separate occasions and it's within that same month. I thought we'd go back to GA again but we haven't yet. There are still plans to visit it but I'm not sure when yet. The next road trip we did took more than a year after our first one. This time around, it was an even longer one. It's a trip to hubby's hometown in Pennsylvania...and it's a 16-hour loooonnnggg drive. It was in December 2013 and we spent Christmas with hubby's side of the family. It was also the first time that the little one and I experienced snow.

Last year was trip-less for us. I guess we've offset that by going overboard this year. So far we've been in 3 trips already. The first one was our trip to the Philippines in April/May 2015. A couple weeks after we arrived from that 26-hr flight, hubby had to go on a service call in Mississippi. He wanted us to go with him so we did even if we were still trying to recover from our jet lags. The trip was an 11-hour drive each way and we did it in 2 days. We left on a Monday morning and we got back Tuesday evening. Talk about T-IR-E-D! I thought that would be our last for this year. Not quite because last week we went in an even longer road trip. Where to? Back to Pennsylvania...but a bit longer compared to our first PA trip. This one took about 17-18 hours because it's in another location. This time around it's not to visit family but to pick up something ASAP. I didn't plan in going with him but we did anyway. Partly because the little one wanted to as well as the husband. I gave in if only to make sure the husband does not fall asleep while driving...which he almost did on our way there because we didn't get enough sleep because we wanted to leave as early as possible. The trip going was straight to the destination. The trip back wasn't because we left the place mid-day already so we spent the night somewhere in Virginia.

I didn't think I would ever say this but these long trips we've taken turned out to be not so bad. I actually enjoyed them in a way. It was tiring alright but the time we spend on the road is a great way for us to spend time together. Not that we don't do that enough at home but being in one confined space can really test how patient we can be with one another. So far we've been pretty patient...haha.

Will there be another trip ~ road or otherwise ~ this year? That I don't know. But I'll post it here in case we do...


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